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  • In Your Car
    The Button Mag attaches mobile devices magnetically to a fixed location. Simply attach the Button-Mag in a fixed clean flat surface inside your home, office, automobile, school or gym locker,...
  • at Home
    If you’ve ever needed your phone in a spot that wasn’t covered in flour, or just needed your hands free when you’re in the kitchen, then Mobile-Mags might just be...
  • at Work
    Working can be a pain. But finding an easily accessible place to put your phone doesn’t have to be any more. Mobile-Mags can fit easily on your monitor, door, wall,...
  • at Play
    Try shifting frets on your guitar or playing the drums while holding your phone…go ahead. We’ll wait. With Mobile-Mags you can put your phone anywhere you want it to be....

popular uses

  • In your car
  • Use in your locker
  • Works with ALL MP3 Players
  • Mobile GPS
  • Tablet Computers
  • Ipads
  • Use on Boats
  • Fridge
  • Works ANYWHERE
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2013 Button-Mags

The “Button-Mags” can be used in your Car, Home, Office, RV, Boat, School Locker, Gym or Anywhere.